Gold ore beneficiation methods used

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Industry Information, To learn about ore

Some from placer gold production, some from lode gold.Since the 1970s lode gold production remained at 75 to 85 percent, gold accounted for 15 to 25%.

Placer gold beneficiation methods used

Native gold deposit outcrops, due to mechanical and chemical weathering, making the gold-bearing veins or broken gold bearing rock gradually become the gold particles and other debris.Then, in the role of external forces handling and sorting function, so that a large proportion of minerals (such as gold particles) deposited on the slopes, river, lake shore seaside place, a certain enrichment, which has a value of industrial exploitation, as regards called placer deposits.

Placer deposits usually gold dredger mining, hydraulic mining excavators and underground mining (shaft) exploitation.Of placer gold deposits mined mainly in gold mining ship, some mining and hydraulic mining excavators.

Placer gold beneficiation process includes preparation before sorting operations and sorting operations.Ready to work mainly by crumbling and screening two process components.Crumbling main ore is mined in the clay mineral particles and sludge dissociation.Screening is screening out coarse free gold.Popular devices have flat screen, cylindrical screen, cylinder scrubbing machines.Placer sorting mainly uses gravity separation, it is because on the one hand placer gold than the major (an average of 17.50 to 18.0), coarse grain size (typically 0.074 to 2 mm), the other is due to gravity separation method is more economical and simple .To re-elect equipment commonly used types of chute, Jig and Shaker (commonly used in the selection).

Gold ore beneficiation methods used

Gold ore types vary in nature, the use of processing methods are also different, but commonly used re-election, flotation, mixed with mercury, cyanide and recent resin slurry method, CIP adsorption, heap leach gold extraction of new processes.For certain types of ore, often using combined gold extraction process.

No matter what kind of ore, as long as it contains coarse gold, they should implement the principle of early harvest overcharged, before working in the ore into the flotation should be respectively re-election, amalgamation or a single flotation timely recovery of coarse gold.


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