Placer gold beneficiation process

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Industry Information, To learn about ore

Placer gold beneficiation principle is to use the re-election method to maximize the recovery of gold from the raw ore and its associated variety of heavy minerals, followed by re-election, flotation, amalgamation, magnetic and electrostatic and other joint operations will be selected gold and various heavy minerals separated from each other in order to achieve comprehensive recovery purposes.Gold placer sorting is generally divided into crushing and screening, sorting off the mud, and other processes.

Crushing And Screening

Many gold placer containing cemented clay having a particle size greater than 100 mm and some, if not broken this clay solution will be screening process together with waste rock removed, resulting in the loss of gold.In addition, the clay also cemented gravel or pebbles in, if not crushing screening process should result in the loss of gold.


Placer gold is less than 0.1 mm of material generally does not contain gold or gold is minimal.Less than 0.1 mm gold called floating gold, the sorting process is difficult to recycle, and with a sludge level but then sorting process, especially from the mechanical interference of the sorting process.So, in the gold placer mechanical plant, the always managed to less than 0.1 mm slime off.Commonly used in the production of equipment for the mud off all kinds of off the mud bucket.The chute allows materials with gold grain width, and processing capacity, and thus more before sorting sulfur slot No Desliming.


Practice has proved that the re-election law dealing placer most effective and economical method.Since gold placer gold in different grain size, a variety of materials handling equipment re-election limits the effective particle size is different, so a reasonable gold placer sorting process equipment should be re-elected several joint operations.


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