Colombian mineral resources development and investment climate

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Industry Information, To learn about news

Colombia is located in northwestern South America, east of Venezuela, Brazil, south of Ecuador, Peru, Panama, connecting the northwest, north of the Caribbean Sea, the west by the Pacific Ocean.Coastline of 2900 km.Significantly into the territory of the western mountains and the eastern plains.Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America in recent years, the Colombian government to strengthen macro-control fiscal spending, monetary tightening and export promotion, and achieved remarkable results, faster economic growth.2006 GDP growth of 6.8%, reaching $ 135.3 billion, per capita GDP was $ 3,214.

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Main Mineral

Colombian coal is one of the major minerals, the country is also Latin America’s largest coal-producing countries, the annual output of about 50 million tons, accounting for 0.5% of world coal production.Colombia is the world’s largest emerald producing and exporting countries, the government estimated that its production accounts for 50% of the world total, it may be up to 60%; their supply of the world’s total exports accounted for 50% – 60%.Colombia is the world’s second largest after Japan ferronickel producer, Cerro Matoso,it is the only Colombian ferronickel production enterprises.

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Investment Potential

Colombia has a relatively abundant energy and mineral resources, nickel, gold, emeralds and other minerals also have greater potential.But the country’s relevant laws and policies exist many uncertainties, political and security aspects, there are some problems, which its mining investment environment has produced a more negative impact.Canada’s Fraser Institute released the 2006/2007 survey results in global mining companies, mining investment environment in the overall evaluation of bias in the investigation of 15 elements of the sort, there are 10 rows in 50 post (including 50, row bit more forward on mining investment, the better) is only 3 in 40 before.Policy Potential Index ranked 55, the existing regulations and restrictions under the conditions of the land mineral potential index ranked 38, without regard to land use restrictions and policy implications of the best indicators of mineral potential, the world ranked 14, ranked in Latin America in section 2 (Table 2).In Latin American countries, Colombia and other mining investment environment evaluation center level.

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