Bentonite how to get out “low out high into” situation

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Industrial Milling Plant, Solution

News Broadcast

Inner Mongolia found a source with a bentonite mine reserves at 8.8 million tons, with an area of approximately 10.85 square kilometers, layered distribution, the color is pink, white majority, waxy luster, mineable area average thickness of about 2.6 to 6.8 m.The discovery of montmorillonite minerals, ore shallow, easy to exploit, high grade, high purity.Currently, the deposit has been approved by the relevant departments through the land and resources, will be formally transferred from the preliminary investigation stage exploration phase.

Bentonite 1    Bentonite

Industry status “low out high into”

China has found that the size of the deposits and ore than 400 points, proven reserves of 2.33 billion tons, is expected to amount to 75 million tons of resources.However, in product development and processing applications such as had been in the low-end route.Bentonite low level of exploitation, the cumulative extraction has proven reserves of less than 1%.In the international market is a “low-high into the” situation, ie exports primary products (ore, casting, drilling, low-grade activated clay, etc.), the imported products (detergent softener, high-grade organic soil, bentonite waterproofing blankets, etc.).With economic development, the demand for high-level and low-end products have become increasingly prominent contradiction between supply, in order to meet demand, China’s imports of bentonite products have high prices in order to maintain the growing demand.

Bentonite Processing Technology

Activation by increasing the temperature and pressure of the material and rinse several times with a small amount of water slurry method to improve the quality and efficient activated clay bleaching power, production costs are significantly reduced.To meet the paper, plastics and rubber products industries have a higher fineness bentonite requirements, it is necessary to increase the fineness of bentonite, thereby enhancing the quality of the product.Bentonite grinding equipment is usually chosen SCM Series ultra-fine grinding or MTW European version of the T-shaped milling machines.Superfine grinding process are grinding stripping method, high-pressure extrusion method, jet milling method.

    • first stage:one kind of semi-wet method of producing activated clay, which comprises: a certain amount of bentonite and inorganic acid mixture.
    • second stage:under pressure at a temperature activated mixture; using a quantity of water washing the activated slurry to PH = 4.
    • third stage:cake filtration, drying, grinding and other processes, characterized in that the material activation temperature, and pressure is generally increased to 200 ~ 300 ℃ and 15 to 40 atm.
    • fourth stage:rinse water slurry shall be equally divided into a number of equal parts.

Bentonite 2      Bentonite 3

Bentonite Prospects

Bentonite market is highly versatile, which consume the largest amount of drilling mud, iron ore pellets and cast three industries.The United States is the world’s largest bentonite producer and consumer countries, consumption ratio: 23% of iron ore pellets; drilling mud (22%); casting 17%; others accounted for 38%.In recent years, the United States bentonite consumption structure change, environmental engineering field for consumption is increasing, which for concrete formwork and wastewater treatment bentonite past five years, an increase of 10% to 20%.Japanese bentonite consumption areas are: foundry industry accounted for 35%; civil construction accounted for 20.50%; drilling mud 6.5%; pesticide carrier 3%; soil improvement accounted for 35%.According to incomplete statistics, China currently bentonite annual sales of about 2.7 million tons products, which are used foundry sand 100 to 110 tons, 70 tons used in drilling mud for metallurgical pellet 450,000 tons for oil bleaching (active clay) 200,000 tons, for another 20 to 30 million tons.Industry is characterized by small-scale enterprises (enterprises with more than a handful thousand tons), low level of technology, because it is resource-based industries but competition is not very intense, production and sales and prices are increasing every year.


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