Recycled asphalt pavement construction process

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Industry Information, To learn about products

Vibrating screen in old asphalt pavement recycling project

Old asphalt pavement recycling of old asphalt pavement pavement recycling special equipment dug, recycling, crushing, screening, and the regenerant new asphalt, the new aggregate by a certain percentage of re-mixing into the mix, to meet certain road performance and re-paving the road a set of process.With the development of renewable technologies, improve the performance of modern renewable machinery and equipment appeared in succession, the production of recycled asphalt mixture can completely comparable and new mixing the mixture.The results show the old asphalt pavement in situ cold recycling has several advantages.First of all, all the old material in situ cold recycling, saving the amount of new material, but also greatly reduces transportation costs.Second, reduce environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption.Again, a great deal of flexibility in the renovated old asphalt pavement.Both can be made into a layer of pavement structure, and can overlay on the wear layer, or as a grass-roots of the new construction of the road.At the same time, reducing the cost of construction, saving construction time.

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Recycled asphalt pavement construction process can be divided into the surface of regeneration method, mixing plant regeneration method and in-situ cold recycling method.The most promising in situ cold recycling law.

Asphalt Pavement cold recycling method is the use of renewable machinery place shattered the old asphalt pavement materials, and add the appropriate compaction of asphalt and modified materials mixing, the main construction of the road to the old pavement materials technology.Cold recycling mixing plant wears comparison, in situ cold recycling method eliminates the need for recycled materials transportation, milling under the stockpiled material, equipment assembly and disassembly link is not affected by climate, in addition to a small amount of asphalt, the finished material no longer transport, less disruption to traffic.Situ cold recycling machinery and equipment, a computer-controlled renewable materials screening, mixing and crushing system.Jin by the milling drum package scarifying old asphalt pavement material by fighter lifter sent to a level of vibration sieve, weighed into the mixer and emulsified asphalt mixture falls through the sieve conveyor belt, The additives are stirred together, then paving rolling molding.The main material for: Old asphalt mixture, recycling agent, emulsified asphalt, cement, water.

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Construction methods include: the use of cement in situ cold recycling, emulsified asphalt in situ cold recycling and use of cement and emulsified asphalt cold renewable.Cement in situ cold recycling: spreading cement, by specialized cement spreader spreading, spreading quantity of cement is determined based on the experimental data, according to the experience of the amount of cement spreaders from 3.5% to 4.5%.Milling Jin packages and mixing, by in situ cold recycling the machine milling Jin packages and mixing waste asphalt pavement materials and uniform mixing of cement, and then the discharge port discharge from the recycling machine.Milling Jin package materials paving, motor graders and screed leveling, rolling with a suitable heavyweight roller or light wheel roller.Emulsified asphalt in situ cold recycling: First test for detection of the old asphalt material, the construction process and method of in situ cold recycling with cement.

Road reuse of waste in order to save the country’s resources, as the highway mileage, especially the increase in highway mileage, energy conservation, reduce environmental pollution, rational use of road resources, minimize waste mixture stacked and to reduce the cost of pavement engineering, thereby reducing the waste of money and resources saving.

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