Artificial Sand Making Plant In Tanzania

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Solution, Successful Scheme

Tanzania Artificial Sand Making Plant Market

Tanzania area is a large-scale infrastructure construction, especially in highway construction, road building stones in great demand, while the rich local resources by Blackstone, artificial sand can meet the road stone demand, therefore, many local mobile sand production line, anti shock mobile crushing station because of its flexible characteristics as the preferred equipment.

Tanzania Artificial Sand Making Plant Process

Regular downtime open door window observing impact type system sand machine internal wear, center feeding tube conical cap, wear, impeller, flow channel lining board, circular plate, wear-resisting block wear, should be promptly replaced or repaired, replaced wear-resisting block should be replaced, ensure wear-resisting block weight. It is prohibited to open door window observing internal workings crusher work process.

The Main Factors Affecting Tanzania Sand Making

Zenith sand making machine can be adjusted according to Tanzania customer’s production needs.Sand feeding in mud content or more fine-grained, pulp viscosity is bigger, the mineral particles in the pulp settling velocity is small, the size of overflow from the more coarse; in this case, obtain overflow fineness required to ensure the filling water, can be properly increased, in order to reduce the slurry concentration. If the feed containing less mud, or after desliming process, it should be appropriate to increase the slurry concentration, in order to reduce the return fine materials excessive entrainment in the sand.


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