The importance of jaw crusher in mining machinery

Posted: March 4, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

in mining machine, jaw crusher is the most common mechanical crushing, jaw crusher appeared in 1858, although it is an old crushing equipment, but because of its simple structure, reliable [url=]Quarry Crusher[/url], easy to manufacture, easy maintenance , still in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical and railway departments have been widely used. And in mines, for hard or medium hard ore crushing and broken in pieces work. Jaw crusher is driven by an electric motor and a belt pulley, the eccentric shaft to move up and down movement of the jaw, when the movable jaw rises between the angle between toggle plate and moving jaw becomes large, thus promoting the moving jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, at the same time the material is crushed or split pieces to achieve the purpose of crushing when the movable jaw down, between toggle plate and moving jaw angle smaller, movable jaw plate under the action of the rod, spring, leaving the fixed jaw plate, then the crushed materials discharge port from the crushing chamber. With the motor continuously rotating and mobile jaw crusher for crushing and waste material periodically [url=]Quarry Crusher[/url], to achieve mass production.

Jaw crusher performance advantage is that, first of all, the crushing chamber deep and no dead zone, improve the ability to feed and production; its crushing ratio, uniform particle size; secondly, shim-style nesting population adjustment device, reliable and convenient, adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the device; re-lubrication system is safe and reliable, easy to replace parts, small maintenance workload; simple structure, reliable operation and low operating costs. Energy-saving equipment: single saving 15% to 30% energy saving system more than doubled; large nesting population adjustment range, to meet different user requirements; low noise, less dust. Jaw crusher with hydraulic safety device, namely reliable and secure, and easy troubleshooting crusher is generally used cast babbitt bearings, can withstand greater impact loads, and more wear-resistant [url=]Quarry Crusher[/url]. Small jaw crusher multi-bearing, high transmission efficiency, easy maintenance. Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a production of large and medium-sized series crusher, ball mill, filter, scientific research, production, import and export trade, new product development as one of the multi-faceted joint ventures, cooperative business entities.


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