Cone Crusher Parts Replacement Notice

Posted: March 10, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

1, cone crusher cone wall is mounted on the body with a conical head, zinc alloy casting between the two, a new installation or replacement of the cone crusher new wall work 6-8 hours After fastening should be checked and found to be tightening loose immediately.
2, due to the friction and wear of the circular plate Quarry Crusher, the impact of changes in the gear gap, to ensure the normal gear must be covered with additional pads on the bottom, the thickness should be equal to the amount of wear pads circular plate.
3, the bowl has a U-shaped screw to adjust the ring between the injection of zinc alloy, making it closely, when a new installation or replacement of rolling acetabular wall, after working for 6-8 hours, you should check it tight solid case, and tighten the U-shaped screw again.
4, when installing bearing bowl, taking care not to damage the wire rope slinger (physical support between the rope with hardwood, etc.). When assembled, the spherical bearing should be scraping the bowl to ensure the crushing cone and outer contact each other in the inner sphere should ensure that the annular gap 0.35-0.5mm Quarry Crusher. Nail bowl around the bush with Pakistan-based alloys perfusion fixed bowl bearing shelves to prevent what bowl bearing the circumferential direction of rotation. Bowl bearing frame and body with the key (pin) fixed, if found in the work bowl bearing frame and body clearance must be treated immediately.
5, eccentric shaft sleeve to be strict with the air together, in order to prevent the injection of zinc alloy rotating sleeve, zinc alloy to be filled with all the space, due to the reason of zinc alloy thermal injection may cause deformation of the sleeve, so the new suit is good to check the size of the cone found to be incorrect promptly corrected, manufacturing spare parts shall be the actual size of the inside diameter of the eccentric formulated to maintain the original tie. When
6, the cylindrical body of the bush and the frame with the third transition, in order to prevent rotation of the bush, and in the upper part of the tank into the bush zinc alloy, the replacement shall be the actual size of the frame bushing body preparation, Because the crusher after a long work and will inevitably lead to changes in handling relations with Quarry Crusher. If the gap is too great cause rupture bush.
7, when the action of the spring breakers not broken material into the crusher when protection is not damaged, so the crushing force of the spring pressure and adapt crusher, crusher spring during normal operation is not moving, just fall into the crushing chamber crusher iron overload lift support sleeve when the spring is compressed phenomenon. Upper cone crusher beating occurred during normal operation, this is not a normal phenomenon must carefully analyze the causes and take measures to eliminate, if wrongly compression spring will not be able to work normally, but the damage to the parts may occur because of the compression spring causes an increase in crushing strength.


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