Jaw Crusher Longer Life

Posted: March 27, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

current, jaw crusher will be used in many areas to, so the device is broken jaw previous Bauma major businesses on the main push products. However, this also requires us to use the time to do regular maintenance Vertical Roller Mill, so the device can effectively extend the equipment, long service life, but also reduces our costs. But many of its maintenance work are not very understanding, let’s understand the jaw crusher maintenance measures.
First, in order to allow the device to maintain the best working condition, and can randomly run work, we must reduce the wear and tear, so that it would be more natural to use a long time. Only do regular maintenance, to be able to ensure the safety of jaw crusher production, can also reduce their failure, reducing maintenance costs.
Secondly, the need for regular lubrication, friction surfaces is the need for lubrication, so as to normal operation. After using up to a certain time, we need to change the oil in a timely manner, for the jaw crusher bearings we must note that we regularly refuel, extend the life of the equipment.
Finally, when the season changed, maintenance is more important, such as: the timely replacement of oil or fuel, etc., to be freezing in winter, increasing refrigeration facilities and so on. Before use, be sure to check that no malfunction, re-use in the absence of fault, if there is a need, but also the need for jaw crusher for preservative treatment.


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