Basalt material advantage and how to use broken

Posted: April 2, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

basalt (basalt), a major component of oceanic crust, is a basic volcanic rocks. Earth’s oceanic crust and the moon on the sea of ​​the main composition of the material, the material is also an important component of the Earth’s crust and the lunar month mainland. 1546, G. Agricola for the first time in the geological literature, using a term describing Saxony basalt black rock. Chinese basalt term, cited Japanese. Hyogo, Japan olivine basalt black basalt cave discovered, so named. Basalt is the main component of silica, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide (as well as a small amount of potassium, sodium oxide), which the largest silica content, about 40 to 15 percent fifty or so. Basalt color, more common in black, dark brown or dark green. Its dense texture, its specific gravity than granite, limestone, sandstone, shale are heavier. But some basalt particularly because of the pores, the weight will be reduced, even in the water can float. So, to put this light porous basalt, called ‘pumice.’ And basalt dealt knows Basalt is a very hard rock mining, crushing part of the wear is very large, but its excellent material characteristics still attracts a large number of researchers and produce traders. Basalt material in building materials, abrasives and other industrial applications are many, often referred to in our daily basalt fiber, cast basalt and are based smelting into. Basalt fiber, basalt stone at 1450 ℃ ~ 1500 ℃ melting by platinum-rhodium alloy Drawing drain board drawn from the high-speed copper concentrator for sale south africa continuous fiber, good stability, but also has electrical insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-burning, high temperature other excellent performance. The cast stone is a natural basalt and blast furnace slag, slag and other metals as raw materials, ingredients, melting, leader, heat treatment processes supported crystals arranged in neat, hard, non-metallic surfaces and delicate industrial wear-resistant materials. The researchers found that in terms of basalt sand sand can freeway pavement, airport runway to play a greater advantages: First, basalt and asphalt materials can better adhesion, can generate more comfortable with the road; two, the hardness of basalt high, high wear resistance than other building materials, the use of the traffic is heavy trunk is an ideal fit; three, basalt rock ore material is more neutral, more serious regional advantage in acid rain. Four, six darker basalt sand, so the road can bring a clearer white logo. Having said that the advantages of basalt, always to return to the use of basalt, is a professional manufacturer quarry crusher manufacturers in india of crushing and screening equipment, we mainly express views based on basalt broken, we need to emphasize that want to invest in basalt crushing project we must be mentally prepared for multi-stage crushing. Aksu has a gravel plant, using the four broken before it reaches the desired specifications, the first choice is a broken jaw broken, two were broken and three broken cone crusher, vertical shaft crusher uses four broken. But high-value materials basalt, basalt fiber, cast stone are worth ten times the number of ordinary materials. Secondly, a reasonable mix enables low basalt crusher reduces wear, using cone crusher rock mine and then extruded through vertical shaft impact crusher, fine sand is very easy, multi-stage crushing to protect yield basalt gravel production line . Basalt materials will be increasingly the more applications in the future, along with a large highway construction in China, is also widespread promotion of basalt sand open, basalt investment projects, access to building materials merchant thick profits become the heart of every dream, companies need to do is to give full play basalt crushing and screening of the accumulated experience advantage, helping more easier basalt building materials merchant profit, open one day.


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