Native high-grade silver-gold mine sulfur pyrite mineral processing

Posted: April 2, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

Gold beneficiation process and equipment selection is the ability to successfully achieve production targets, the key to improving the efficiency of mineral processing. Beneficiation process is designed to be based on objective and subjective conditions. Under normal circumstances, the decision to Gold ore is the major factor in the structure of the ore dressing and smelting processes, structure, disseminated in the form of gold mineral content of gold, sulfur, and other associated elements, the degree of oxidation of gold ore carriers and mineral types. Native high-grade silver-gold deposit type pyrite sulfur in silver metallic minerals are gold pyrite, Gold Occurrence have inclusions of gold, gold and crystal cracks and fissures to crack gold, accounting for 80 % gold inclusions rarely only 8%. Gold-bearing ore is gravel and sand making machine greater than or equal to the boundary grade pyrite phyllic, pyrite phyllic cataclasites and pyrite phyllic of fragmentation like granodiorite. In order to effectively reasonably sorting particles of gold ore, and according to the characteristics of a mine for ore, according to ‘be able to receive early harvest’ beneficiation principle, the use of the sorting process for the re-election of union sorting process + flotation, flotation again using a flotation method. The biggest advantage is that the re-election process clean, clean production, can achieve an early recovery of the gold particles, effectively reducing the cost of production. Flotation able to advance to the required enrichment concentrate scraped ahead, help to reduce tailings grade, increase the recovery rate. 1, crushing broken the traditional three-stage process a closed process. Crushing job as a jaw crusher. Shaft, inclined ore mine for ore and peripherals into the ore bin, and then by the electric vibrator to the mining machine to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. After crushing the product delivered to the shaker conveyor belt pre-screening, screening on products entering the jaw crusher broken, its products and products under pre-sieve together transported by belt conveyor to vibrating screen pre-screening and inspection. Sieve the product transported by belt conveyor to the cone crusher for crushing, crushing the cone crusher for sale philippines product and then transported by belt conveyor to vibrating screen to form a closed loop. Undersize product transported by belt conveyor to the fine ore bin, constitute a closed three-stage crushing process. 2, grinding flotation technology for ball mill grinding and classification machine composed of some closed-circuit grinding process, that the final product by the fine ore crusher by belt conveyor to warehouse the ball after ball after row of ore grading machine grading, failed grain size and then return ball mill, overflow to the flotation products. Preferably using a flotation process, once roughing, selection once, twice sweep the election of flotation processes are using flotation machine, wherein preferably two, roughing 6, featured a desk, a sweeping election six secondary scavenging three. Featured products transported by plastic pump to dewatering operations, final gravity tailings to the tailings transport operations. 3. To re-elect the job re-election process using jigging + shaker process, the process is in the order of discharge between the ball end and grading machine installation hop jig, jig products by plastic pumps were selected to the shaker, you can get hair gold tailings shaker and then grinding mill is returned. 4, dewatering operations flotation gold concentrate by thick rubber pumped into a dewatering machine, return flow of water through the overflow after seven precipitation reuse, thickener underflow to the secondary vacuum filter dewatering operations. Machinery Group beneficiation equipment, stressing quality, and speed, efficiency struggle, hard work paid off, please feel free to contact us!


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