Routine maintenance of common sense stone production line conveyor equipment

Posted: April 3, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

With artificial Aggregates gradually replace natural sand, the development of artificial sand production line has become increasingly common. Sand production line production equipment has been widely used, in which the conveyor apparatus in the field of industrial application of the earliest and most widely. Increase in the daily production process, the conveyor belt and not any major problems, the only problem is vexing belt deviation. Very troublesome problem is small, this situation is not resolved in a timely manner will greatly affect productivity. Now technicians Manufacturing Co. Based on years of production experience, appear on this troubled land causes and solutions for detailed analysis. The first is the central entire conveyor deviation occurs such conditions, the location should be timely adjustments roller group. Conveyor design when processing both sides of the mounting hole idlers are processed into the long hole for adjustment. When adjusting the side of the forward direction of the deviation of idlers forward to another lateral shift; if the upward deviation of the lower roller group should be left, at the upper right. The second is to adjust the driving drum bend drum with drum mounting position if not maintained with the center line of the belt conveyor or vertical skew is too large, there will be deviation phenomenon. At this point you need to, as the case may be, if the belt deviation to the left of the head, the left side of the bearing seat to move forward or move back to the right; the right of the deviation with the opposite manner, the tail and manganese ore crushing and screening head adjustment method Department has just the opposite. Adjust the degree can be determined according to need, can be repeated until the position of the right to regulate, in addition to pay attention to the exact location of the installation of the drum. The third is to adjust the belt tension at the hammer bend pulley tensioning both at the upper part of the belt should be the same gravity vertical centerline and maintain the vertical state, that is to ensure that it is in the center line of the horizontal axis. Commonly used in adjusting screw or hydraulic tensioner, the two tensioning roller bearing translation should also ensure that the roller axis and perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt, adjust the way can be found in the second. The fourth point of impact load forces reprint point relative height up and down two belts can also have an impact, in general, the lower the relative height, the horizontal force greater material. Will produce lower belt marble and granite crushing machine greater lateral impact, while the materials are easily deflected behind to cause the belt deviation. Therefore, the design of the production line process, should increase as much as possible the relative height between the two belts, also by increasing the baffle like ease. The fifth principle of mind for the installation of transfer roller group aligning roller group is very simple, is to use block or roller rotates in the horizontal plane direction transverse thrust blocks or by the force of the belt is automatically adjusted, common on the market today There are vertical rolling, four-link, intermediate shaft type and so on. Usually applied to the total length of the shorter run or two-way belt conveyors, belt conveyors because the shorter the easiest deviation, and once it is difficult to adjust the deviation, the longer belt conveyor belt Ruoshi this method will affect life. In addition, as a two-way operation of the conveyor more difficult adjustment, should be individually adjusted several times to complete. Affect the daily maintenance of machinery and equipment for the overall efficiency of the production line is very large, the above points for Manufacturing Co., easy out based on years of experience, our customers want to be able to bring some help.


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