The reason cone crusher favored

Posted: April 20, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

I plant every few days has issued a cone crusher, cone crusher plant due to my advanced technical equipment, crushing ratio, crushing efficiency than the average 1.5 times higher than the cone crusher of all materials is the most advanced high hardness and high wear resistance material, the use of longer, greatly reducing the cost of production of sand and gravel plant.
I plant cone crusher reason so popular, in addition to more than a little, there have other crusher cone crusher manufacturers do not have the advantage, the general body cone crusher manufacturers are very high, compared Jaw 2-3 times higher than full crusher, cone crusher, but only one times bigger than normal jaw broken, so do not need too much of the plant construction Vertical Roller Mill, this is one; second, cone crusher is the latest wear and corrosion resistance and high wet material, and equipment components have corrosion proof surface treatment; Third, cone crusher installation, maintenance and repair than the average simple equipment. So cone crusher was word of mouth, by many gravel plant welcome.


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