Teach you how to identify product quality ball mill

Posted: May 12, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

ball mill refers to a ball mill broken or crushed material an abrasive body, in accordance with the mode of production divided into: casting steel balls, forged steel balls, rolling balls, ball bearings.

China wear-resistant castings are – Ningguo, mainly producing cast steel balls, as is the use of melting, casting technology manufacturing steel balls. According to the material is divided into: high-chromium alloy casting ball Mobile Crusher , multi-alloy casting ball, low-chromium alloy casting ball.

Whatever the mode of production, what kind of material of the ball, the ball is determined whether or not wear a sign there are two important indicators: Ball hardness, ball crushing rate.

1) ball mill hardness of Rockwell hardness testing. Ball mill after heat treatment processing oil quenching hardness lowest in more than 58 degrees; no ordinary ball mill hardness after oil quenching process between 45-54.

2) ball mill crushing rate using the drop-ball tester and impact tester for testing. If you want to crush the ball accurately the main basis for determination of the actual use of the user, after clearing a ball mill using weighing method is more accurate.

according to domestic and international experience in the use of cement, mining users, when the ball hardness must be ≥58 above, and in the course of the ball breakage rate of less than 0.5%, the determination of the quality of products such ball mill was reliable. If the hardness is below 56 degrees ball, because low hardness, poor wear resistance, the amount of additional balls is relatively large.


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