Broke several disadvantages

Posted: May 13, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

awareness XJ type flotation machine, because of its strong production capacity and beneficiation wide range of applications. As everyone knows XJ type flotation machine is not perfect, the flotation machine experts visit customers when the production situation, summed up a number of shortcomings found XJ type flotation machine, the following is claimed several drawbacks XJ type flotation machine Mobile Crusher.
XJ type flotation machine is a conventional flotation device, its design in the form of relatively old, so the actual beneficiation production will inevitably show some shortcomings:
First, XJ type flotation machine air dispersion is poor, Foam many and not stable enough, it is prone to turn to spend phenomenon, not easy to achieve automatic control level.
Secondly, XJ type flotation cell flotation machine for the interval type of slurry flow rate is limited by the gate, resulting in the flow of the pressure is reduced, flotation slow, thick and heavy mineral particles easily precipitate;
again, XJ-type floating sorting machine impeller cover wear faster, resulting in reducing the amount of gas-filled and difficult to regulate, is difficult to adapt to the changing nature of the ore sorting index is not stable.
XJ type flotation machine, although there are so many shortcomings, but this does not affect their play a huge role in the beneficiation production, so now there are still many companies will choose to use the dressing XJ type flotation machine, XJ type flotation machine is still beneficiation industry mainstream flotation device. Is today the most professional flotation machine manufacturer,


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