Processing Equipment Benefit

Posted: May 14, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

After Lianyin in ambient stable, no new case of bad there, the market out of the broad based stock market.
Funding, the extremes meet. When money is tight to the extreme, from the relaxation time is not far away. The current capital market is extremely tight ball situation nor the central bank would like to see Mobile Crusher, will take measures to ease, although not sure the current vertex is tight, but in the short term, the central bank can be expected to take action, short-term bottom in the stock market this week. After the end of the flow of capital, current bid earn at least short-term spreads. On

trend, we believe 2610 could be an important low, the market will continue to rebound, we propose a focus on the amount of energy change. We continue to be optimistic underestimate the value of cyclical sectors, such as real estate, cement and other sectors of investment opportunities. Mineral processing equipment in the first half of the new construction of affordable housing is not ideal, the second half is expected to usher acceleration, which is expected on the market. In addition to the cement sector, the home appliances segment and construction machinery also benefit from the protection of housing construction. Recent strength in the real estate market trends, short-term positions would be more embarrassing lows need to be patient.
June we still maintain the shock bottoms of view. Funds will usher in the ultimate relaxation of tension after the flotation machine, the concept of affordable housing and underestimate the value of financial and real estate is a good choice.


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