Sand with a load test run points to note

Posted: May 14, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

Perhaps we sometimes not very attentive sand with a load test run situation, but we need to constantly check the operation of sand making equipment, sand making equipment in order to ensure the normal operation, and we all know that in use when the Sand We have to carry out safety checks on the Sand PORTABLE CRUSHER, which is what we call with a load test run, the test run, we need to pay attention to the problem is a lot of, in order to protect our personal safety, we need to do the following point, both to protect our safe and sound, but also indirectly improve the efficiency of our production Sand. After

(1) empty load test run, to deal with a comprehensive inspection equipment, in particular, to check the lining of the rotor part of the bolt is loose, with or without other anomalies, such as unusual causes should be analyzed immediately removed, if necessary, re-empty load test.

(2) load test should be sequentially drive – the first to open the discharge conveyor MOBILE CRUSHER, and then turn the new Sand, finally open feeding system.

(3) load test 8-24h.

(4) Stop load test should be carried out sequentially, first stop feeding system, and then stopped the crusher, and finally stopped the discharge conveyor.

(5) when the load test, to fully check the equipment vibrate loose fasteners and so on. Bearing temperature continuously exceeds 45C, bearing maximum temperature continues to exceed 75C, while the outer bearing temperature must not exceed 80C. After

(6) load test, to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to be normal after all, only put into production.


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