Horizontal Mill

Posted: May 15, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

finally looked interpretation HX-Q horizontal mill, WQM-T type (polyurethane lining) horizontal ball mill for grinding the dispersion of the liquid-solid phase material, particularly suitable for fine grinding of high purity materials and mixed Mobile Crusher. It can be widely used in electronic materials, magnetic materials, ceramic glaze, ink pigment, non-metallic minerals and other special industries. Cylindrical grinding machine, feeding and discharging port with one hot cast polyurethane wear with high wear resistance, sealed, low pollution, low noise, ultra-fine, low consumption, feed, convenient in discharge characteristics. For grinding, mixing high-purity materials.
WQM-T type (polyurethane lining) horizontal ball mill has the following characteristics:
(a) body speed optimization designed to allow medium ball milling tank body formed dispersed material was poured streaming sports, get the best grinding results,
material can quickly put ground.
(ii) Direct-drive machine is structure, driven by a motor helical gear reducer, gear output hollow shaft directly set in the ground tank shaft and fitted with gear start Save impact pad. Having a drive torque, high mechanical efficiency, the characteristics of smooth start and eliminates the hassle of adjusting the belts often bring.
(c) The machine uses a digital time controller, working hours can be set at any time according to need, and has suspended, accumulated timing control function, operation time-saving, easy and convenient.
(four) WQM-T / B type of frequency inverter type, with tachometer display mill drum speed; grinding tube has a slow jog control.


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