HX Sand rusty

Posted: May 15, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

HX Sand prolonged exposure outdoors Mobile Crusher, especially in relatively poor working environment is very easy to rust, rusty sand will affect the product quality and production efficiency, and therefore rust reasonable method is indispensable.

1) chemical descaling method: using the principle of rust acid chemical reaction with the metal oxide, commonly known as pickling rust method.

2) pneumatic or electric blasting method: electric or compressed air as power, blasting assembly appropriate means for reciprocating movement or rotational movement to suit the requirements of various occasions rust. Such as angle grinders, wire brushes, pneumatic Needle Scaler, wind knock rust hammers, gear type rotary rust, etc., are semi-mechanized equipment, tools, lightweight, great maneuverability.

3) high-pressure water abrasive blasting: the use of high pressure water jet impact action (plus abrasive grinding action) and pry the role of water damage and corrosion coating for steel adhesion. Feature is no dust pollution, no damage to steel, rust greatly improve efficiency, good quality rust. However, after the steel rust rust easily return shall be coated with a special paint wet rust, have a greater impact on the general performance of the coating of paint.

oxidation of course, you can apply paint, mineral oil, baking enamel, spray, and so prevent sand rust. The principle is the steel surface coated with a plating layer of hot dip methods such as rust of metals such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc., forming a dense layer of oxide film, thereby preventing iron products and water, air, etc. physical contact with rust.


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