What are the advantages of concrete sand?

Posted: May 15, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

sand Sand produced using an artificial sand, sand qualified high strength grade concrete can be poured. Use sand cast concrete has several advantages.

1) for low strength grade concrete, can increase the workability of concrete

due to the low concrete strength low cement, grout can not completely fill the void of sand, leading to poor workability of concrete, since the mechanism sand hill The dust content of less than 0.16 increase Mobile Crusher , the gap can be filled with sand section, thereby increasing the workability of concrete.

2) to increase the strength of concrete due

powder has the effect of filling voids, natural sand particle content of less than 0.075 less than 3%, the content of the cement particles larger than 0.08 is not more than 10%, typically less than 5%, the natural coarse sand, in the whole gradation range of 0.16 to 0.08 of a lack of particles, so sand particle content of less than 0.16 level to supplement the natural sand shortage coupled, thereby enhancing the density of concrete and improve the strength of concrete.

some cement admixture with powder when, but generally not mixed with cement powder, the powder used in concrete in relatively small increase in cement, it is possible to increase the strength. Lt; sand can be reduced at the end of hydration heat, reduce heat cracks occur. Since the powder in concrete is an inert substance, the hydration process can cut the peak heat of hydration, and thus reduce the occurrence of hot cracks in foreign countries, some with high-strength concrete admixtures as limestone powder.


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