Mine flotation machine

Posted: May 16, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

flotation machine for us, though not high equipment, but when we should be cautious in the selection of, in particular, is the development of particularly fast flotation machine manufacturers are particularly high Mobile Crusher , after the purchase we need to use flotation machine In sorting ore when we need to pay attention to the following:
on the more coarse or large density of ore flotation method commonly used to reduce high concentrations of particle sedimentation rate, reduce the deposition of mineral particles. In order to meet the characteristics and requirements, it should be used in an efficient mechanical flotation machine. Efficient mechanical flotation machine, stirring power, large inflatable, pulp transfer speed, easy to re-start after the shutdown. Low-grade sulfide ore flotation, low-speed inflatable more favorable effect on the sorting should be used inflatable mechanical flotation machine. Ore flotation process is easy to produce foam cat, you should choose a large amount of inflatable flotation machine. Requirements for selection of job, mainly to improve concentrate grade, flotation foam layer should be thin, to achieve a better separation of the gangue create favorable conditions, no greater test of inflatable flotation machine, therefore, the selection flotation machine operations and rough, scavenging operations flotation machine should be different.
above for flotation sorting explain very clearly, I hope we can use, according to sorting good choice, so that we can make our flotation machine is more valuable, so since our own economic development well,


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