Flotation machine stator pack pitch radial

Posted: May 17, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

during flotation device, there are a very important component, it is our top impeller flotation machine stator pack, may be a lot of us are not too aware of this, in order for us to understand our flotation machine more clear Mobile Crusher , we respect the stator impeller depth study group, with our flotation machine equipment development:
stator pack for radial axial clearance issues with us are our key issues affecting the work of our flotation machines consumption consumption, as well as the amount of our inflatable inflatable average size and degree, when the gap between the radial and axial we have problems when we have a problem, first of all say when they both increased when we Flotation machine will reduce the average degree, this also comes to question our relationship, focusing on, and of course we also have certain provisions for the pitch, generally we can not exceed 10mm-12mm, in our specific use, we must control this point, then we can use our good flotation equipment, in particular the use of our process, we first need to do is to understand our flotation device, and then Then make Our flotation devices develop, understand we adjust the gap, then in use, depending on the actual situation to make some adjustments, so as to complete our goal.
flotation machine we use some adjustment, We need to do more than that, we have to consider the problems we will be fully flotation machine, so that it can combine to make us stronger in all aspects, and to make our results play out, is enough to make our flotation equipment to meet our standards,


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