Mineral processing equipment

Posted: May 17, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

spiral chute is a very simple and easy to use processing equipment, but also using the lowest cost of re-election equipment, the operation is very simple. But the operation of the spiral chute Mobile Crusher, there is a process that is carried out on the chute with water, can be said to be a very important program that can help the ore through the water lubrication and self-gravity to achieve smooth down, water was added to the concentrate Recovery of science or not obviously affected.
In practice, manufacturers found that some novices operating time and not strictly in accordance with the operational process execution, not correct scientific spiral chute were water, leading to very serious consequences, so here manufacturers in particular to on water issues chute introduced. ?
then spiral chute scientific water here pay attention to what
mineral processing equipment manufacturers particularly solemn reminder: first cut feeder Do not add water. The first cut is responsible for all mineral feeder for screening lanes instead of water passage, if the first cut-and-water dispenser, can cause inaccurate choice of materials, resulting in a large drop and concentrate recovery phenomenon inevitable run mine The emergence of the user would cause huge economic losses. Therefore, the first operation of the spiral chute feeders do not remember the first cut with water.
here, processing equipment manufacturers also alert the user, the operation of the spiral chute, try to find experienced personnel, so as not to because some of the basic operational errors and losses.


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