flotation machine

Posted: May 18, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

for slime we also need a certain degree of flotation, flotation slime flotation machine is to use our equipment to carry out, which is mainly to make our fine-grained flotation slime, then use a kind of way Mobile Crusher , the current implementation of our country is good, hope that we pay more attention to some details in the specific use, ultimately making our flotation results to our satisfaction:
In the current experiment we flotation slime is still relatively successful, and we got some surprises, in particular flotation process, we found that less than 0.045mm high ash content Coal large, in order to solve these problems, we have developed a number of solutions, it is to make the oh Our flotation machine Cadogan spray water, so for our flotation machine would be better, it also shows that we in the process of flotation machine flotation machine, we also need a certain degree of cooperation to make our flotation develop better machines, for example, sometimes we need to make our flotation machine can add some punch agent, so that we can be more open material separation, this one is also a good way, more important is that we in the specific use should continue to develop our equipment, then we need to deepen, strengthen its efforts, so as to have a more perfect performance.
in specific use, we are constantly slowly groping, and I hope we continue to groping able to get some answers, and ultimately achieve our vision, in our operations, we are still the most cautious, so we can ensure the development of a greater degree of flotation machine,


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