Mineral processing equipment mining methods

Posted: May 18, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

reasonable choice processing equipment actively and steadily mining methods comply with reform and opening up the mainstream, mining methods and the proper use of mining safety is extremely important, as the mining method selection, improper use, will mine ground pressure management and daily production safety management It caused great difficulties Mobile Crusher.
As the mine using room and pillar mining, ore due to inclination of 5 to 31, the stope roof exposed area is too large, prone to breaking down a large area of ​​roof fall or accident. A comprehensive method of mining, can be firmly based on stope roof reality, leaving in sizes ranging from safety and security pillar to improve the security conditions stope job.
mineral processing equipment Mining does have a certain influence on mining safety, if we do not attract attention, processing enterprises in the actual mining process there will be a serious security risk. Rapid economic development since the reform and opening up drive all aspects of economic development, but also increase the demand for mainland Mine resources, mineral resources are limited and difficult to meet the market demand, so people intensify exploitation of mineral resources occur in the development process numerous accidents. How to avoid even reduce the occurrence of such incidents, we want to take preventive measures.
processing equipment actively and steadily mining methods conform to mainstream reform and opening up, has a very rich experience for the summary of this issue, you can contact us at any time telephone


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