Improved Methods Of Processing Equipment

Posted: May 19, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

processing equipment at a very rapid development of our country, from the beginning to the present Sand flotation machines and other equipment, are a sign of our country into the new technology Mobile Crusher, new energy era, how to do it in this day and age This is what we need to think about the problem, we first look we produce gravity separation.
gravity concentration, based on the separation of different mineral density and mineral beneficiation methods. In addition to a variety of equipment re-election, but also must have a medium re-election. Reselection process ore particles subject to mechanical forces and the forces of gravity media, equipment applied, the ingenious combination of these forces causes the mineral particles of different densities have different velocity and trajectory, and ultimately allows them to separate from each other.
re-election equipment features are:
processing capacity, the objective requirements of modern mineral processing to scale to create efficiency.
of micro-fine particles significant effect, especially -01037mm grain size to the effect is obvious, the original equipment can basically guarantee + 01037mm grain level of recovery.
enrichment is relatively high, sorting good indicator.
low power consumption.
simple structure, easy to maintain. all processing equipment more prominent advantages
these, then we know that strength is also slowly accumulated up, so that our goal is clear, and improvement in the growth, the growth in improvement. Only in this way will we be able to better to make our ball mill, and other products more advantages.


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