Rod mill used

Posted: May 20, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

in front of the mineral processing equipment manufacturers have introduced specific relationships and similarities and differences between the rod mill and ball mill were compared, no longer today Mobile Crusher , and if you want to learn a rod mill and ball mill between Relationship See previous article: ball mill and rod mill works What similarities and differences
mill rod mill is relatively small capacity, the use of small, but the rod mill has its own characteristics, such as to avoid over crushing? Such features make it in some of the minerals used in rod mill grinding operation is appropriate, its use mainly in the following aspects:
1, tungsten and tin in beneficiation usually rod mill as grinding equipment;
2, re-election or magnetic separation Some rare metal ores rod mill also has a large area, it is to prevent the rare metal ores other types of valuable minerals are smashing, require the use of a rod mill in coarse grinding stage to avoid smashing .
3, acts as a crushing machine. In the following circumstances can be used for ore crushing:
ore is not hard, too soft;
ore containing more clay; excessive viscosity
ore crushing ore
several more if you use common crushing machine is hard Council. Because the difference in the effect of clogging and other reasons, but is really just the use of a rod mill.
4, grinding rod mill roughing particle size between 3-1mm advantage over ball. Which is used in ore kibble product size between 3-1mm, this range of kibble rod mill production capacity is larger than the same size of a ball mill, so with better results in coarse grinding.


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