Gypsum dryer heat transfer process

Posted: May 21, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

We understand Gypsum dryer heat required fuel mainly three types: coal, natural gas and heavy oil. Foreign gypsum MILL dryer is mainly used for natural gas and coal as fuel. Such stable fuel quality, no pollution when burned ash gypsum board Mobile Crusher, it can be directly heated gypsum dryer air chamber air, small system thermal conduction process inertia, low input and output parameters, heating and cooling processes relatively quickly, small heat exchange process heat losses, so the system of automatic control using traditional control methods can achieve good results.

of coal is relatively abundant natural resources, so the use of coal and processing in our country more frequently. Due to the use of low cost, good economic returns, some domestic gypsum MILL is the use of coal and then burned to provide heat to the gypsum dryer. When the heat generated by coal combustion flue gases can not pass directly into the dryer, so the plenum for air heating, it is necessary to heat transfer by conduction oil to gypsum dryer. After the coal combustion heating the air in the plenum, the air will heat transfer to the HTF exchanger, the heat transfer through the heat transfer oil to the air inside the dryer to dry gypsum board. Gypsum control the temperature inside the dryer is mounted indirectly by adjusting the electric conducting oil pipeline valve regulation enters exchanger hot oil mixing ratio. This temperature control process has a large inertia and time delay characteristics, thermal load changes greatly, strong coupling and non-linear, and there is random, so the conventional control processes are controlled manually.


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