Summary disciplinary action processing equipment

Posted: May 21, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

mineral processing equipment for dry magnetic separator, only maintain the diversity of equipment can continue to attract users, the ever-changing magnetic separation process, in our view, is a difficult thing, but in terms of dry magnetic separator yet a trifle Mobile Crusher , if their part are doing well, will not be based in the community, the following technical staff to tell you about disciplinary action dry magnetic separator machine:
(1) must implement the responsibility system of one person, one machine, That Which dry magnetic separator is a problem, particularly in respect of which the person responsible.
(2) the operator can not just responsible to operate this machine every day clean is also important, experiments show that the machines clean than dirty dirty dirty machine failure rate is lower for 67.5% or less.
(3) Every person must be trained over the posts of seven days, which is strictly regulated, the workload per person does not cross the longest ten hours.
(4) dry magnetic separator machine tools and accessories are to do hand care, custody have qualified reasonably found that the loss of responsibility to the people.
(5) a summary of the machine is to keep neat, clean, lubricate and safe.
dry magnetic separator market potential, competition is fierce, there is no uniform standard, resulting in industry products disorganized and shoddy, consumers in the purchase to be carefully identified. In view of this situation, the dry magnetic separator improve themselves, with international practice, to find their place, by leaps and bounds.


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