Copper processing equipment

Posted: May 22, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

copper processing equipment and copper ore flotation technology:
1), disseminated copper ore flotation:
generally use relatively simple process, after a period of grinding, the fineness of -200 mesh about 50% to 70%, 1 roughing, 2 to 3 times selection, 1 to 2 times sweep the election. Such as copper minerals disseminated relatively small size Mobile Crusher, could be considered stage grinding and separation processes. Processing bornite concentrator, mostly coarse concentrate regrinding selection stage grinding and separation processes, and its essence is mixed flotation process. First by some rough grinding, roughing, scavenging, and then crude concentrate regrinding and then selected to obtain a high-grade copper concentrate and sulfur concentrate. Coarse ground -200 mesh about 45% to 50%, and then ground -200 mesh about 90% to 95%.
2), dense copper ore flotation:

dense copper ore since the chalcopyrite and pyrite symbiotic dense, pyrite is often secondary copper-activated pyrite content is high, it is difficult to inhibit sorting difficulties. Sorting process requires both get copper concentrate and sulfur concentrate. Usually after copper tailings is sulfur concentrate. If the ore gangue content of more than 20% to 25%, in order to obtain sulfur concentrate needs sorting again. Processing dense copper ore, often using two grinding or stage grinding, grinding fineness smaller. Also a large amount of reagent, xanthate dosage 100g / above, lime 8 ~ 10kg or more.
ore dressing equipment gold processing equipment copper processing equipment


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