Sand focus on energy construction

Posted: May 22, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

sand making equipment as a rising star of China’s rapid development. In recent years achieved remarkable results, narrowing the technology gap with the international high-end sand, with the constant attention and development for the domestic crusher technology, our sand making equipment in domestic and overseas markets have made very good results, gain market position Mobile Crusher , Sand is one of the key development facilities in Henan. Sand

rapid development has also led to the development and progress of related industries, the country’s economic infrastructure industry provides a very good condition. As we all know, China’s current economic development and infrastructure construction as the main, a large number of water conservancy projects and housing construction requires more artificial sand, need more sand production line as the construction of affordable, Sand made in this economic environment good opportunity for development.

It is due to the increasing demand for Sand, Sand of the structure and function of the transformation of considerable attention. Experts also spared no effort and this research to design and development of a more excellent equipment, building society to join.

currently on the market require a lot of artificial sand, the maximum demand for sand is low-cost, high-yield, experts strictly control market, the focus for the design and renovation work on the energy-saving and Sand terms of high efficiency, in quality assurance of products, minimize energy consumption of equipment, increase output volume of products to meet the continuing needs of the market.


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