Ceramic ball with new energy-saving technologies

Posted: May 23, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

ceramic ball grinding equipment is one of the few class green energy ball mill, now a lot of R \u0026 D design principles are reference saving ceramic ball mill equipment. After the ceramic ball mill Paodingjieniu style Mobile Crusher, summed up the ceramic ball with new energy-saving technologies to achieve high yield and low consumption target.

ceramic ball is consistent with the principle of common mill equipment, so the production function is not very different from ordinary ball. Hybrid ceramic ball is mainly used for current materials, grinding, compared to other types of ball mill product fineness it processed more uniform, but also save a lot of power production.
ceramic ball in the structural composition significantly different from ordinary ball mill, which the whole body is made of ceramic, so the cylinder capacity is very small, mainly used in trial production phase of small batch production. Like ordinary ceramic ball mill dry grinding either be wet milling. In addition, you may need to select the appropriate type of liner depending on the production, particularly broad range of applications.
ceramic ball mill is currently processing equipment experts with the newest type of grinding mill technology and research and development of energy-saving equipment, its production capacity and the grinding efficiency is unique in the industry. Ceramic ball in the application scope has also made a very big breakthrough, for a variety of materials for the broken ore, crushing, ultra-crushing operation, it will show the unmatched grinding performance.


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