How perlite Sand prospects

Posted: May 23, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

perlite its properties in thermal expansion in the early industrial insulation was applied to them, and insulation materials. Our perlite ore very widespread along the volcanic belt from Heilongjiang until Hainan Island, up more than 3000 km Mobile Crusher . According to relevant statistics, the perlite in the country, 65% of applications in construction engineering, 30% in terms of the heat pipe insulation, the base for his decoration materials, which is the most of expanded perlite, you can see, the pearl how wide the field of development and application of rock.

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perlite ore processing will need to hit the sand, sand making machine, milling machine and screening equipment, in addition to the more commonly used jaw crusher, impact crusher and 5X sand export, perlite sand is the most indispensable perlite Sand.

5X efficiency centrifugal sand can be processed perlite to fine sand and a small meal of the state, to facilitate plastic working again perlite, sand or alone as compared with a conventional mill, coarse powder mill Machine step child in place, convenient and affordable, which is the flour mill since its introduction, the main reason for the increasingly widespread use in terms of perlite ore crushing.

with perlite insulation performance of alternative materials more and more, perlite market has also been a greater challenge, given the abundant reserves of perlite, perlite how to effectively reduce processing costs, making the competition herbal advantages become perlite sand production sector first need to be addressed.


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