Ball Mill reason to crack

Posted: May 24, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

everyone has their own place, and some people are scientists, some people are police, some people are teachers, they have now been able to position themselves to be able to recognize and know what position they are in Mobile Crusher, and certainly not timid but can not be arrogant, a ball mill to find their place in the dressing after the straightened position to choose on the road to development.
ball at runtime barrel cracks appeared for no reason, how to deal with this situation it:
1, limiting further expansion cracks: cracks can be cleaned, and then unload at the crack tip drill holes (1Omm so), so you can reduce stress concentration to prevent further expanded.
2, limit deformation: Ensure crack split the air or gas gun electric gun tungsten carbide rods split or crack crack mouth opening of the two sides tied steel triangular groove 606 list slot does not get through, center storage 2 mm thickness, or whatever. deformation;
3, with T502 electrode, in an oven heated to 250 ℃, after welding pulled out immediately in English on the inner wall of the triangular groove weld sorrowful layer, then full English competence outer triangular groove weld.
4, chop gun gas and electricity will be simplified alkalized tungsten rod inner wall has two welding wave soldering on the fight lost, how can except loss welding slag, bubbles, to ensure the quality of welding and re-welding the triangular groove over the cylinder wall.
5, suppose there is only one side welding together for axial welds. About circumferential weld, the cylinder side welding coordinate larger force, after the simplified operation, there may be cracking.


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