Ball size distribution problems

Posted: May 25, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

ball when we use encounter some problems, sometimes we develop our products is not so uniform particle size, which is why that, why we have checked, and make the appropriate treatment work, then how do we judge The reason that caused by uneven particle size Mobile Crusher, let’s look specifically:

When this happens, the normally low grinding sound, the current decline in mill. If the Department of materials into the ground water is big, can reduce the ball mill feed from the amount of material into the mill drying problem solving, strengthen ventilated ball mill, grinding aids added approach to materials and so on; if the Department of the mill temperature is too high, should control the grinding of materials temperature, using the mill water, increase the leaching of water mill body, strengthen the mill ventilation, grinding aid material was added to reduce the ball mill feed ratio within the settlement. Grinding grading unreasonable. If the product fineness thickening occurs after the ball clearing, grading grinding is often unreasonable; if excessive fineness is not too large, can increase the level reached wind mill separator plate or increase the number of small pieces of fan installation method resolved; if the blades increase small number of pieces can not be solved, you need to reduce the mounting piece gale leaf number, or re-grading grinding. The reason
In this case, we need to our mill equipment more of our analysis, carried down to check, just to protect our equipment is in good condition, and then to make our mill discharge problem is a better solution, so that our users goal can be achieved in our hearts.


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