Chipped Paint

Posted: May 26, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

ball Diaoqi how often do? Mill equipment often produces Diaoqi phenomenon, ball mill originally Diaoqi not a serious thing, but if this continues the persistence have a problem, why is it so Diaoqi ball mill Mobile Crusher
, a ball mill operating temperature is too high? Or a machine working environment is too dry or wet, the reasons are likely to occur, so should not be underestimated.
Speaking chipped paint is common sense into things, we usually use the phone, the car, some of the metal tools, etc., are easy to paint, of course, out of the paint itself will not affect the mechanical properties, but the appearance of it annoying, this is a public aesthetics. Wood slicer Diaoqi quality paints with the manufacturers are using the finest closely related, high weather resistance and good paint flexible performance, so the three anti-adhesion and performance requirements of the standard, is not easy to paint, In practice, there is another phenomenon that is wood slicer paint chips are artificial rather than natural, then see how your own maintenance, and for the manufacturers is how to choose paint, because the user rub off paint mill equipment or simply not scratch within three bags, manufacturers also need to consider.
mill equipment user’s machine Diaoqi no more than two reasons, one is the ball incorrigible, that is natural weathering out, can be appropriate to cover the paint, wood slicer to refresh; there is a rescue-type ball mill. This is a man-made damage, we repair them, not just repair a layer of paint, as well as wood slicer body repair. All in all source or in a ball mill equipment manufacturers here.


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