Tailings Difficulties

Posted: May 27, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

for tailings production, and the role of tailings and the harm we have introduced more and more in front, there is not much to say, say it now our main tailings recycling re-election, we know that in fact Because behind the beneficiation, mineral processing equipment performance beneficiation process can not reach, among other factors can cause concentrate selection is not in place Mobile Crusher , low selection efficiency, in fact, also contains many tailings concentrate unable elected. Furthermore, we know that in nature are mostly associated ore minerals, that is, a mine there are other minerals beneficiation we actually just choose the highest content of ore, while most of the other or stay in the tailings and can not be selected, this is actually a very large waste of behavior, but in view of the conditions at the time of dressing is no way to do this.

Now with the mineral processing equipment and beneficiation process of progress and development of technology, they had not chosen now can pick mine, so come back to, for those who can not beneficiation tailings we can actually re-election be featured These tailings not only not a waste but also a very useful minerals. From some of the data we can see that the tailings can be re-election, can also be used to make other high-grade materials, industrial corrosion-resistant materials, improve the comprehensive utilization of tailings, so that the secondary use of waste as possible. With the development of science and technology, which for the secondary use of tailings will be more efficient, more diversified, integrated value will be better reflected.


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