Two Important Factors In The Grinding Fineness

Posted: May 27, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

ball when in use on the fineness of grinding of the problem, we have explored all of us for the fineness of grinding is very important, because it involves the question of the quality of our degrees, for this is also our company everyone made some specific analysis of the grinding fineness Mobile Crusher
, I hope everyone can look good, and then use the work of our mill equipment do better:

spindle lifting height, but also affect the amount of return sand and an important factor in the grinding fineness. The normal grading machine spindle production requirements into place. Some workers in the concentrator milling equipment maintenance, as ore grading machine not clean, sink set in a long time, relatively heavy solid sludge, grading machine spindle at the lower levels, because they do not care, did not completely drop spindle , resulting in less than normal amount of sand back to the case. Also do not put down the spindle may be due to the spindle long time to clean up oil, so during the operation it should be noted, crushing particle size, grate sieve adjustment is construction related, mill equipment for crushing system must be supervised, If the production of mill equipment feed size size changes must be immediately reflected in the crushing plant. Broken eventually require finer the particle size, the better.
course there are other factors, it is important that we tell you of these days, I hope you have to do a good job, a good foundation for our mill run, the only way we mill equipment to be able to have a perfect process to be able to bring greater economic benefits in our country,


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