As the main content Kiln Tyre Research

Posted: May 28, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

withstood by the cylinder, the rotary kiln load includes the weight of the cylinder, which is caused by the kiln, kiln skin and material bush bush kiln pressure, and the support of the rolling circle reaction. Rotary kiln cylinder wall is thin, it is supported on roller drum Mobile Crusher . There firebrick cylinder. Roll cylinder ring ring. There are 24-42 of rotary kiln cylinder head gasket.

The pad is extensive. It accounted for about 70% of the total of the entire circumference of the ring and the rolling-contact arc length between the pads. As a result, the portion between the rolling ring and the cylinder can be approximated as a continuous contact. The contact between the rolling ring and cylinder, we should pay attention to the following major. First, the deformation of the cylinder can cause loose bricks. The second is the use of weld gap, which is mainly related to the bending stress cracking of the barrel. The third is worn cylinder and the like.
a result, the study of the contact between the rolling ring and cylinder mainly distributed in the form of rolled rings and cylinder contact pressure, which can be studied to pave the stress and deformation of the size of the contact angle between the rolling ring road. Research gap between the rolling ring and the cylinder can help us find bent the rules change cylinder and bending stress, can avoid distortion caused by loose refractory red brick kiln incident. At the contact position of the cylinder wear is mainly fine sliding attrition. Therefore, the contact pressure distribution of catch in this position can help us reduce the loss.


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