Ball mill operation

Posted: May 28, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

the ball more familiar friends, may have heard about the big return sand mill Mobile Crusher
, ball mill operation so big return sand is how it happened? I believe we all want to understand, so deliberately sought the advice of well-known ball research and development experts, the paper mill is operating in experts to explain the big sand back how it was.
experts say, back to sand refers to closed-circuit grinding, ball mill and then returned by the classifier coarse grinding. Backstaining ore often several times the original volume of ore, the ratio of the amount of sand and ore back to knot the ore is called back to sand ratio.
proved sand return than the size of the cone mill will directly affect productivity. Larger return sand ratio, since the whole mill ore increased, thereby increasing the mill discharge rate, shorten the residence time of the material in the mill, and circulation. In addition, although the return sand is coarse ore, but after all the fine ore ratio. So the whole mill feed size composition thinning, consolidated results will help improve mill productivity.
experts stressed, return sand ratio with relative productivity of the mill shows that within a certain range with the return sand ratio increased with increasing mill productivity, when it reaches a certain value, productivity increased slightly, wet ball full to mine close to the maximum capacity, could easily cause bloating milling. Therefore, it should be put back to sand ratio remained stable, close to a constant value.
understanding of the mill operation big return sand is how, in practical work, the operator must pay attention.


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