Lead-zinc ore beneficiation

Posted: May 29, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

with the development of scientific advances and industrial production Mobile Crusher
, world demand for lead and zinc annually despite ups and downs, but the overall trend is increasing, thus promoting the development of lead-zinc smelting industry.

1984 year 26 countries, lead and zinc metal content of products, metal production, refined metal consumption are shown in Table 9-2-38.

world has currently more than 50 countries lead-zinc ore mining and sorting, there are over 30 countries in the lead and zinc smelting and refining. From the world lead and zinc resources and lead, zinc demand growth rate, at least in the next century, for any reasonable demand is sufficient, lead and zinc production will not be a shortage.

Canada, Australia, Peru, three countries rich in zinc resources, its lead and zinc concentrate production accounted for 24.52% and 33.34% of the world lead and zinc concentrate output, respectively, in particular, accounted for the world’s first fine mineral zinc Canada . These three countries are major exporters of lead and zinc ores and concentrates, and its export volume accounted for about 45% of the world total.

lead, zinc two metals, for the same or similar geological conditions of their geochemistry and mineralization in the deposit often symbiotic together; in addition, frequently with other metals, such as silver, copper, gold, arsenic , bismuth, molybdenum, antimony, selenium, cadmium, indium, gallium, germanium and tellurium. It is often also known Pb – Zn deposit polymetallic deposits. Lead, zinc deposit in our country is fairly well distributed, reserves are also living in the world.


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