Ilmenite beneficiation equipment

Posted: May 31, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

ilmenite beneficiation can view this article: Points Summary ilmenite beneficiation equipment necessary. Ilmenite generally belong to poor iron, less iron-rich ilmenite, and the other is a low magnetic weak magnetic ilmenite mine Mobile Crusher , so for ilmenite beneficiation, mineral processing equipment on the configuration and the general type of ore dressing equipment different.
and selected iron equipment differs mainly in the selection of the separator, generally using ordinary magnetic separator iron ore can be, but the face of weak magnetic ilmenite must use a strong magnetic separation equipment can .

in the separator There are three types of magnetic separation equipment can be used for ilmenite sorting: high gradient magnetic separator, limonite, hematite special magnetic separator, permanent magnetic roller belt separator. These three are the strong magnetic separator, it can be used for low magnetic weakly magnetic ore sorting.
If you configure ilmenite beneficiation production line with a high gradient magnetic separator, a simple configuration as follows:
electromagnetic vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + mill + classifier + high frequency vibrating screen + multi-stage roughing, high gradient is elected Magnetic Separator. Wherein the high gradient magnetic separator can also be used the other two type of magnetic separation equipment mentioned above instead.
the characteristics of weak magnetic ore flotation machine can also use the sorting, but may cost more than the flotation beneficiation magnetic separation, not much to do here presented.


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