Features gangue grinder

Posted: June 1, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

The main features of gangue grinder

1, bidirectional rotation grinder, and other trips through continuous two-way operation, can they wear evenly between the hammer and broken tooth plate, reducing downtime frequency of replacement of wearing parts Mobile Crusher
. Dual-rotor up and down two crushing, crushed material more thoroughly.
2, suitable for crushing brittle materials, non-blocking, low dust, low noise.
3, shortening the time the material in the crushing cavity retention, increase the service life of wearing parts.
4, hydraulic electric start chassis, lightweight and convenient security. Easy installation, greatly improving the degree of freedom of the equipment; maintenance quick and mill on the side of the open side door can be placed so that the replacement of crusher maintenance and consumable parts become faster and easier, reducing maintenance time.
How to choose a gangue grinder manufacturers?
production of coal waste grinder manufacturers a lot, but to choose a good quality, rich experience in production equipment, aftermarket good manufacturer is difficult, expensive quality gangue grinder good and bad, how crushed gangue difference quality machine it? steel quality
first look at housing, thickness, in fact, look at the extent of sealing engagement, good workmanship is not a little gap, which would also prevent dust flying during production. Second is to see and hammerhead liner material, the thickness is smaller than 5 cm and weight of the hammer has not reached seven kilograms, the quality of these vulnerable parts directly determines the future production costs.


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