Lime crushing mill with outstanding performance

Posted: June 1, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

Speaking lime mill, people’s first impressions are certainly crushing, because lime crushing mill with outstanding performance to show their personality. As we all know, the material mainly lime mill processing fly ash and lime, these two materials in the actual production applications requiring crushing, and lime ball mill is currently processing the best of both materials Mobile Crusher .
lime mill is crushing mill family functions best grinding machine, it is compared with ordinary ball mill has made great progress in a range of applications, thanks to the lime mill in the structural design of bold and innovative production workmanship .
lime mill on the structure of the overall chassis design, so that when the civil construction and equipment installation will be a lot easier. At the same lime mill drive system is also more advanced than ordinary ball mill, which uses rolling bearings replace plain bearings make higher overall equipment efficiency drive, start fast, friction is greatly reduced, has great energy savings.
In addition, the use of lime mill trench ring liners not only increases the ball contact surface mine, but also to strengthen the role of the grinding equipment, grinding overall effect has been greatly improved, and the production of power has decreased a lot . This type of ball mill discharge system has also been improved, the discharge end of the cone designed both to increase the volume, but also to force the discharge end of the ball grading, enhances the effect of repeated grinding, fineness of such materials can be guaranteed.


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