How to ensure the rotary kiln axis collimation

Posted: June 2, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

Rotary knowledge we should know a lot of it, for the kiln I think we still are concerned. It is a Titans drying equipment, mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries Mobile Crusher . The rotary kiln axis is an important indicator of its mechanical running condition, then how to ensure the operation axis collimation it?
kiln in operation due to temperature, deformation load caused by wear and bearing parts based on factors such as uneven settlement, during operation, the operation of the rotary kiln axis will deviate from the theoretical axis. When running axis deviation of 10mm, bearing moment and barrel stress increased by about three times, the pressure on the roller approximately doubled. Actual production, operating axes offset rotary kiln are generally more than 10mm, and more up to 40mm. Cylinder stress increases, the cylinder will prematurely fatigue cracks, or even because of the cylinder barrel caused by excessive stress fracture; roller pressure, can cause roller, roller ring surface pitting, dregs, scales like shedding, wedge off the block, or even roller fracture, broken prop shaft, bush-burning and other equipment accidents, causing heavy economic losses to the enterprise.

so to ensure long-term normal operation of the kiln, it must ensure the collimator axis kiln operation, thereby ensuring a very important life. Rotary has been committed to advanced technology, research rotary kiln production safety, in the continuing efforts of our technical staff, and achieved certain results. We will continue to work and strive to do better!


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