Installation Precautions dryer

Posted: June 3, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

when installing the dryer be sure to check good place to be installed, the backup equipment to be installed, so as to not be other problems in the installation, in the future it will not use, because after the initial installation errors caused maintenance inconvenience and so on Mobile Crusher

install the main check the quality and size of the foundation concrete pouring position deviation: Requires basic surface clean and free of oil, dust, debris, unreinforced bare, no crack chipping, is expected to leave no residual hole shell plates, as well as other appearance casting defects.

basis for size and position deviation shall meet the following requirements: Dimensions and basic coordinates of the location, vertical and horizontal axis error is less than 20mm different plane elevation error is less than 20mm, allows only negative is not allowed positive; gradient error total length of less than 20mm, out. do not allow the discharge end allows positive; flatness of the plane is not less than 5mm / m, total length of less than 10mm equipment acceptance Control equipment, packing list of parts, components, standard parts, random files, conduct an inventory check by mistake. missing parts, deformation damage, etc., and for the record, in order to purchase or preparation prior to installation. When removing the protective coating finishing and packaging dust, grease, rust, etc., check trim damage during transport deformation caused by loading and unloading. Of spare parts, key fitting, pre-testing and pre-assembled in order to avoid rework the installation work to ensure the progress of the installation and installation quality.


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