Waste recycling

Posted: June 6, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

Recently, a number of customer inquiries scrap car recycling crushing sorting, crushing and classification of waste circuit boards, waste sorting equipment, why more and more customers to target scrap recycling it?
With the promulgation of ‘People’s Republic of China Circular Economy Promotion Law’ and the forthcoming implementation of the corresponding scrap cars, discarded electronic products, such as recycling management policies and regulations will also be ready to come out as waste, its recycling and disposal will enter a new times, and waste recycling processing equipment come in great handy Mobile Crusher
recycling market in all regions of the operators are required to buy a used car car plates crusher to crush the waste vehicle, used car car plates crusher recycling market as an essential product. Small metal particles used car after car plates crusher are sold to steel mills, mineral processing equipment in other parts of sub-elected by aluminum, tin and other metals, the price is higher and recovery.
and said the board is not above the abandoned waste, but to be second resource development, with high recycling value. PCB metal grade metal grades equivalent to common mineral in the supremacy of times several times, the metal content of up to 40%, most of the copper, in addition to gold, aluminum, nickel, lead, silicon metal, etc., many of them rare metal, which is self-evident ….. so there are a lot of opportunities eager investors, and these scrap processing equipment can be broken by sorting out, for the realization of economic benefits investors, find a way to waste for environmental protection to make a contribution.


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