Advantages And Disadvantages Of Castings

Posted: June 7, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

China’s crushing equipment industry after years of rapid development has matured, China’s enterprises in the international market continues to break expand soil. In this case, the competitiveness of enterprises competitive raw materials from the past into the process of competition. For now, broken equipment, mainly two processes steel and cast steel welding process technology Mobile Crusher .
called by welding steel welding is the way to make the device housing. Good steel welding a weldment quality, easy to break during use. At the same time, compared with the steel castings, weldments damage certain parts can be replaced without having to replace the whole way like castings. In addition, as technology continues to mature welding, whether the appearance of the life of the body or products have greatly improved it.
and steel casting process means that the device housing is made after the steel smelting. Steel is mainly used in the manufacture of complex shape, difficult to forge or cutting molding but requires a higher strength components. Since castings appearance, and can reduce the weight of the design and delivery of short features, it has a competitive advantage in terms of price. But note that the castings prone to bubbles, angular positioning inaccuracies and other shortcomings in the casting process, there may be broken cabinet phenomenon in the long run.
crusher in the manufacturing process, different parts suitable for different process, so as to achieve the interests of both the customer and the business, the quality and beauty coexist.


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