chemical beneficiation process

Posted: June 8, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

beneficiation process are magnetic separation process, flotation process, the re-election process, chemical processing technology, these beneficiation process in the most simple, non-magnetic separation process must go. Magnetic mainly using their own magnetic mineral roasting or way to make use of non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals produce magnetic, so you can use magnetic sorting machine. In recent years Mobile Crusher, a number of weakly magnetic minerals with high gradient magnetic separator after emergence can also be performed using magnetic sorting.
magnetic beneficiation is a physical beneficiation, to take advantage of the physical properties of the mineral beneficiation, no other chemical methods to assist, and flotation beneficiation and chemical agents are required to achieve a lot of beneficiation beneficiation purposes, not friendly to the environment. Reselection process utilizes gravity beneficiation of minerals, but also a physical beneficiation process, but the operation is more complex than the magnetic beneficiation, but requires a lot of water, so that the environment is not good. But the emergence of dry magnetic separator magnetic separation process makes no water, so several magnetic beneficiation process is the simplest one, is more environmentally-friendly one.
However, magnetic separation process also has its own deficiencies and limitations, the nature of the mineral varied, but many are not magnetic, so it was not suitable for magnetic separation process, the presence of other beneficiation process is very necessary.


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