Historical Background of discrete element method in a ball mill applications

Posted: June 8, 2015 in nonmetallic ore

discrete element method applied in a ball mill, a ball mill since 1893 appeared 100 years, it gets in the material crushed metal ore and non-metallic mineral processing plant, metallurgy, building materials Mobile Crusher , chemical T and electricity sector in a number of basic industries a wide range of applications. Mill is a high energy-consuming equipment in the preparation of the entire material, and in the grinding process due to numerous reference variables, complex issues, it is very difficult to study, especially ball in size, speed and media filling ratio and the different parties muddy caused the inside of the load (the material composition and grinding media) the diversity and complexity of motion conditions.

Up from the research method used is typically seen experimental and theoretical research methods, because there are more than a number of factors, there has been an insurmountable obstacle in the study, for example in a ball mill as it is difficult when loading the barrel spilled off campaign will research to be pursued: the same size ball in different sectors due to the different needs of the drive power charging lead to a big difference to the ball mill drive power difficult to accurately determine, which appeared in a variety of semi-theoretical and empirical formula formula. Due to limitations of research methods and means by such research is not deep enough ball, with the development of numerical simulation technology for the mill study presents a new methodology, which will help promote in-depth research work mill.


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